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Referred work / referral translations

For years, InfoMarex Translations has acknowledged the referring
to us of jobs by other agencies or translators.

InfoMarex Translations now pays 20% of the gross profit on a
particular job referred to us by an agency or  translator.

Simply put, if an agency or translator cannot accept a particular job, and
refers the job to
InfoMarex Translations:
 InfoMarex Translation accepts to do the job,
- deals directly with the client, and
- when the client pays, we pay the agency or translator 20% of the gross profit.

The following example shows how the translator's fee is calculated and paid:

  • Invoice to client €1,000 less translation costs of €750.
  • Gross profit = €250 x 20% = €50.
  • This 20% is paid to the agency or translator who referred the translation to InfoMarex Translations.

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