INFOMAREX International Translation Agency And Database

What is InfoMarex?

  • InfoMarex Translations is a language translation agency which handles projects for its own clients world-wide.

  • As a database, we store translators' data and match them to InfoMarex Translations' projects which arise. Such data are NOT in the public domain and never leave our database.

  • InfoMarex Translations is also a database of world-wide translators.

  • Translators may add/update their details to our database by going to InfoMarex Translations'  home webpage.

  • As a database of world-wide translators, we store and index a curriculum vitae (CV) / résumé of each translator under multiple index headings and match it to translation projects.

  • All translators on our database must have, at least, two years' professional experience in translation.

  • A translator's details are confidential to InfoMarex Translations and to InfoMarex Translations alone. They are NOT revealed to third-parties in any way.


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