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Why not me?

From time to time, translators ask "Why not me?" "Why was I not selected for that job?" The answer given, like most answers, has a number of parts, best put in question format.

Presuming that we have your language pairs in the database at InfoMarex,
- "Have you actually inserted all your relevant data in the database?"
- "When did your last check or update your data?"
- "Do we have your current CV on file which shows your experience and education?"

The second area about rates is thorny.  InfoMarex is a business registered in Ireland and we operate under the laws of Ireland.  It is forbidden for us to set standard rates in any way. We also, in the spirit of the law, avoid "recommending" rates. 

We let each translator or agency set his, her or its own rates, and we always pay the rate that is entered, without debate or discussion when a translator is assigned a project.  We respect that  rate.

Please note that a rate per word inserted is for normal business correspondence from one of the translator's pairs into the translator's native language.  It is very rarely that we assign a project to a translator where the target languare is not the native one of the translator.  For complex texts, we always first ask the translator to quote on the project and separately from any rate entered in the database.

We have always tried to explain as clearly as we can that we add 20% to the translator's rate when doing a project for a client.  That is our cut, our profit, our percentage. 

If therefore, we add 20% to the rate of translator who has quoted a high rate to us, and we tell the client that we have, e.g. 3 translators who have the experience for the project and that their rates are x, y and z, guess which translator the client will tell us to put on the translation project?

The answer therefore to the question, "Why not me?" frequently lies with the translator.

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