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001 What is InfoMarex Translations?
002 InfoMarex Translations' Terms of Business
003 How does InfoMarex Translations work to serve the client and the translator?

004 How does the translator get paid by InfoMarex Translations?
005 How to select payment options and software options
006 Can any translator get on the database of Translators?

007 What do I do? I have lost /forgotten my password!
008 What do I do if I have only one year's experience?
009 Can my details be changed?

010 Why was my membership of the InfoMarex Translations database not approved?
011 Is it totally FREE to get on the database as a Translator?
012 How do I add my data or subscribe to InfoMarex Translations?

013 How do I remove my data or unsubscribe from InfoMarex Translations?


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